Saturday, April 7, 2012

Know Gays Aloud!

Art for Change is pleased to present Know Gays Aloud featuring artists, D. Shayne Aldrich, Ryan William Turley, Christopher Udemezue, Micaela Anaya, , Darlene Ascbacher, Olivia Frazao, Paul Baker Prindle, Felipe Baeza, Rory Golden, Rochelle Williams, Nicole Goodwin, Ivan Velez, Michael J. DiRaimondo and Cecilia Givens.

Spoken word performance by Nicole Goodwin.

The LGBT community has struggled to ensure equality of their civil liberties for over three decades. Though there has been significant progress in obtaining equal rights in the United States, such as the recent vote that passed a marriage equality law in New York, violence still persists against the LGBT community especially in minority populations. The increase in hostility towards the LGBT community in the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Africa has led to a rise in murders and teen suicides, notably for the transgendered. In Puerto Rico, even though murders of transgendered are becoming more frequent, the government is seeking to take these crimes off of the list of hate crimes, further justifying these acts of violence. This exhibition aims to expose the violence and prejudice that LGBT communities of color have endured through systematic cultural and religious persecution. Art for Change seeks work that reacts to this injustice.

Photo by Rory Golden

AfC will have gallery hours are on Saturdays from 1:00PM to 5:00PM throughout the duration of the show.